We specialize in installation of Temporary Lifelines, Horizontal, and Vertical, with 12 years of experience and the better prepared specialists of the sector... Read more...
Trabajos verticales, en altura, Vértice Vertical

Work at height

We do all kind of work at height and inaccessible places. If you have a challenge, we are the ones! Read more...

Work at height safety training

Vértice Vertical™ is committed to developing creative and technically sound solutions for working-at-height. Read more...


Who we are ......

Vértice Vertical™ specialises in the design and installation of fall arrest systems, rope access work and working-at-height.

Vértice Vertical™ is a leader in the sector. The company was founded by a team of specialists in working at heights, high-level fall arrest systems and rescue, and workplace safety.

These varied backgrounds enable Vértice Vertical™ to combine technical excellence with the most advanced available techniques.


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Main Projects

Proyectos destacados Sistemas anticaídas Trabajos verticales Vértice Vertical

Main Projects

Vértice Vertical™ experience, dates back to 2001, since then we have successfully developed more than 1.800 projects.
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Equipo Vértice Vertical sistemas anticaídas trabajos verticales


A professional team is at your reach. We have a challenge: maintaining a highly qualified and experienced staff.
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Clientes Sistemas anticaídas Trabajos verticales Vértice Vertical


Since 2001 we work hard with large and small companies to ensure a quality result 100% safe.
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Anetva Acreditation

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Work-at-height training

Work-at-height training

Learn with us and get your degree.
We impart different security oriented courses, such as:

Certified height courses, specific monographs: confined spaces, demolition, pylons, industrial chimneys, light covers.

Officially approved courses of vertical works Of Basic, Of II Of III, rescue at height.

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Tríptico Vértice Vertical

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Vértice Vertical™ is at the forefront in Spain in fall protection systems (lifelines), with a technical crew and a consistent training and customers with proven reputation.

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Polígono Casanova
46394 Riba-roja de Túria, Valencia
t (+34) 902 10 16 12 - (+34) 961 64 00 47
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Corporative information

We are willing to be an international model of height safety; therefore, our policy of Occupational Health and Safety is very strict and active. We invest daily in improved control and safety procedures and risk prevention. Our vision "zero accidents". Security transfers the internal level extending to our products, and as a result we develop our most important asset "we create accident free work environments."

The social side of Vértice Vertical™

Vértice Vertical™ has been associated and incorporated as a member of the Spanish network of UN Global Compact, following its goal to promote Corporate Social Responsibility and complying with the 10 principles of this covenant. Read more...